Spinning our Wheels in Thought

By Gregory Devore, Ph.D, 8/13/16 Thinking is pretty darn important. Thinking has given us the ability to cure disease and put people on the moon. We’ve developed mass transportation networks and globalized the planet. We share art and beauty. Thought spurred the birth of civilization and maintains it. Its value cannot be understated. So of course, growing up many of us are taught the value of … Continue reading Spinning our Wheels in Thought

Supercharge your Thinking

By Gregory Devore, Ph.D, 8/11/16 If we are to supercharge our thinking, we must first examine one difficult truth: Our brains are full of holes. Not literal holes like the Swiss cheese kind, but holes in our thinking. Like software bugs. Flawed programming that convinces us of truths that don’t actually exist. In fact, there’s a lot of software bugs in our minds and learning to … Continue reading Supercharge your Thinking

Help Keep Someone’s Bad Day at Bay

By Gregory Devore, Ph.D, 7/28/16 Many people have heard the buzzword Mindfulness. For some it seems like some esoteric pie in the sky. This blog serves to explore some basic mindfulness skills and how to apply them to something we inevitable experience: someone else’s bad day. We’ve all been yelled at by others. Honked at by drivers. Received nasty emails about failure to do this or … Continue reading Help Keep Someone’s Bad Day at Bay